Project Manager E-commerce (remote)

The Job

We are searching for a Project Manager experienced with software development projects, driving the day-to-day project delivery process. Removing roadblocks that kill productivity or block the team’s progress. Our team members are residing in the Netherlands, India, Turkey and Slowak.

What does your day look like?

Coffee or tea
Before you start working, we assume you get yourself a nice cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable in a good chair and desk we’ll support you with. Then it is time to connect with your colleagues via MS Teams, check your emails, create a to-do list for yourself and it is always good to touch base with the operational manager.

Leading standups
In the morning you lead the standups with the project teams, you listen to their feedback and if necessary, you remove obstacles so that everyone can focus on one thing and is aligned. Then it is time to take a coffee break before you move on.

Take a break 🙂

Meet with clients
During the day you meet with several clients remotely (or on-site) to discuss the
project’s progress and ask for their feedback. To manage the expectations from both sides you confirm the outcome and appointments that have been made and you will follow-up with the project team.

Lunch & exercise
Don’t forget to have lunch and do some exercise and or a walk with your dog?

Checking the tickets
If you are ready to continue, you can check the tickets in Proofhub to see if there is a good flow in solving and closing the tickets.

New project or solutions
In case you have identified a new opportunity that could lead to a new project or solution, you’ll take the lead. This means applying our Kite methodology, set-up a meeting with the client, involve the right specialists to pick everyone’s brain and create a spot-on briefing. Then you will have sufficient information to write a great project plan and present this plan to the client. If the client is enthusiastic and agrees, you create an internal work order and set-up a kick-off meeting to start the project!

How cool is that, you will be the product owner and you will be monitoring the progress of each project till you can proudly show off the results after the product passes all tests!
Also, good to know is that we have an operational meeting with the group every Tuesday morning and every Friday we do a virtual coffee, this is about everything but work.

This is what a typical day could look like and of course you will come up with new ideas on how to do things more efficiently or effectively – in that case we are all ears. Besides the above it is good to stay in touch and connected with your colleagues remote or on site, so feel free to meet and work together in an inspiring location.

About you
“It is your passion to be a strong leader and coach, you motivate cross-functional teams throughout the organization to deliver high quality and achieve desired client outcomes”

● Are a star in the field of project management and it is the combination of your instincts, energy and decisions that are going to lead teams and projects to successful completion.
● Are a blend of creativity and logic and you apply this fusion to solve issues before they even arise.
● Are an individual contributor but a rock-star performer. You create alignment and build consensus between different interests and personalities and maintain a calm poise in stressful situations.

Furthermore you:
Have a good sense of humor, you are flexible, people – and multicultural minded.

To do this job start we think it will help if you:

● are Bilingual in technology and business so that you can translate technical requirements and specifications into easily understood business concepts and vice versa.
● have a BA/BS in Engineering, science or related field and 4-6 years of progressive experience in a technology project management role, managing multiple projects.
● are an entrepreneur with a high energy level, a passionate, positive mind and the ability to learn and put that into action.
● are an effective manager with a coaching leadership style.
● know timely to (re)navigate the project.
● thorough understanding of agile and general understanding project management principles.
● experience with task tracking systems (we use Proofhub).
● exceptional written and verbal communication (presentation) skills in Dutch and English.

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