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We provide Innovation with state-of-the-art Digital Solutions and effective Digital Transformations, where we put Visual Engineering First with our local Diamond Teams and our scalable network of development centers.

Meet some of our professionals :

Rob van Netburg
Ideation Engineer
M : Focus on, market and “Needability”

“Surely It is fun to create impressive innovative solutions and applications, but you need to give it a seamless experience and deliver what the brand promises, what your clients need and to get the stakeholders aligned.

With a background in Design and Communication concepts my job is to understand the needs of all stakeholders and define their customer journey. With that I create the right touchpoints, the overall visual concept and online brand strategy to reach out to them.”

U : Focus on User and “Usability”

“It is great if your intended audience is able to find you, but if they cannot find what they are looking for or you cannot capture their attention then there is no business”

My background in User Experience Design gives me a different perspective on how users expect to interact with an application. I find it fun to keep up with the latest insights and proven approaches to create successful innovative and state-of-the-art digital solutions”

Furkan Karagoz 
Visual Engineer
Veli Fidanci
Integration Engineer
I : Focus on IT and “Achievability”

“I always say in order to be flexible you need to stay close to standards. Too often ideas seem great on paper but are too difficult or too expensive to create.

I have a dual background in User Experience Design and Software Engineering. With that I am quickly able to assess what solutions are achievable from both a business and a technical perspective. I find it important that technical possibilities are considered from the start”

B : Focus on Business and “Profitability”

“Creating successful digital innovative solutions that don’t deliver a Return on Investment or don’t create a significant Business Impact, make no sense to build.

I have always focused bridging the gap between Business and IT and was among the first to embrace Agile development. I enjoy the balancing act of making ambitions meet available budgets and carving out the minimum viable product for a first quick business win”

Ger Somhorst 
Business Engineer
Sakir Bayram
Software Engineer
ENG : Focus on Software Engineering and “Maintainability”

“I believe you should always design and architect with success and scalability in mind. Systems should also be secure by design if your business depends on them.

I have many years of experience in engineering systems and applications that should be safe, scalable and maintainable by design. I enjoy creating successful innovative solutions that are future proof and can easily be adapted to ever changing business needs”

QAM : Focus on Quality Assurance Management and “Deliverability”

“Too often everyone is so excited about the new solution at hand, that they keep adding new suggestions and milestones keep moving affecting the time-to-market.

With my background as a Test Manager and Project Manager I make sure that everyone stays focused on the milestones. A minimum viable product that never is ready to launch will not bring you desired business impact. I enjoy getting things done on time and first time right”

Chitra Talda 
Control Manager

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