Betty Blocks en Resourcing Pros start Partnership

Betty Blocks established a strategic business partnership with Resourcing Pros to offer the Betty Blocks no-code platform as part of developing innovative solutions for professional SME’s in the Netherlands and Germany.

Tom Oudhuis, partner and channel manager at Betty Blocks comments:

Tom Oudhuis

Tom Oudhuis

Betty Blocks is continuously seeking implementation partners who are leading in digital innovation. Our no-code platform offers our partners a unique solution that enables them to offer innovation and digital transformation to their customers in an efficient and effective manner. The leading American research and advisory company Gartner has positioned us in their latest high productivity aPaaS Magic Quadrant. It is important to us that our implementation partners are able to correctly position our platform amongst other solutions and that they are experienced in digital innovation. Partners who recognize and understand why and how no-coding solutions offer the best competitive advantage to their customers. With Resourcing Pros we have added another professional digital innovation partner to our network.”


Software is increasingly becoming mission critical and the scarcity of professional and experienced software developers will put the brakes on innovation,” according to Edgar Kiwiet, CEO of Resourcing Pros. “Due to the current digital transformation of society in combination with demographic trends, the scarcity in ICT-Talent will continue to rise. The current economic upturn accelerates this trend. The mission of Resourcing Pros is to solve this gap between supply and demand of experienced software engineering professionals. Our focus is on delivering higher quality in a shorter time to market without adding cost. The Betty Blocks platform provides these qualities and thereby contributes to faster innovation.”

Innovation starts in the “Business” department Competitive advantage as a result of innovation starts with establishing a good connection between “Business” and “IT.” Innovation starts with “Citizen Developers” in each line of business and is then transferred to the IT department for further development and support. For this to work it is important that the IT department is able to provide an environment for development that enables Business to be compliant with the IT department security constraints and guidelines.

Resourcing Pros’ hybrid business model embeds relevant customer stakeholders and key users in our unique ‘Innovation Kite’ solution delivery process, and seamlessly integrates both Business and IT expertise. We start with Business and develop solutions from the perspective of our customers, the end users. We offer IT the virtually limitless potential of specialized and highly experienced software developers from our own business partner network together with our localized Plug-In software development teams.


Edgar Kiwiet

Edgar Kiwiet

 There is no one solution for all Ever customer situation is unique and requires a custom approach. Kiwiet: “Solutions from the past are no guarantee for the future.” Continuous innovation is important in order to secure your competitive advantage. Innovation starts with Business, where end user needs must be met and satisfied. This is a constant interaction between technological constraints, possibilities, and end user needs. That is why at Resourcing Pros we focus on Digital Strategy Engineering first, followed by IT in order to serve and support the Business process needs.


Two approaches to better connect and integrate Business and IT You can focus on enforcing “IT” by localizing and adding international software development talent. Resourcing Pros achieves this with its unique hybrid business model of a local Dutch and German Technical Coordinator or User Experience Designer as integral parts of our customer teams. It is also possible to focus on enabling Business to develop solutions with low-code or no-code platforms or  ‘aPaas’ ( Platform as a Service). Depending on the specific customer situation and objectives, Resourcing Pros focuses on IT, on Business, or on both in order to achieve this connection and integration of Business and IT for our customers.

Low-code and no-code platforms are available in various flavors There is also no ‘one size fits all’ here: It is all about ‘fit for purpose.’ At Resourcing Pros we want to offer vendor-independent solutions to our customers. Our customers can choose from multiple technological solutions, each with their own pros and cons and pricing conditions. Resourcing Pros sees Betty Blocks as an ideal platform for customers who require innovation and digital transformation in a cost-efficient manner that produces fast results. The platform bridges the gap between Business and IT, fits every IT-infrastructure, and is a solid base for innovation.

Especially for small and mid-size business professionals,, we see the Betty Blocks platform as a perfect addition to both our Dutch and German Digital Engineers and User Experience Designers.

Betty Blocks No Code Platform

Betty Blocks, is the only truly no-code platform Betty Blocks is the only truly no-code application development platform that enables fast and easy solution delivery, completely based in the cloud. The platform is a solid foundation to create new innovative solutions and for do-it-yourself solutions within the constraints and security demands of your IT department. Betty Blocks is recognized by Gartner’s hpaPaaS Magic Quadrant as a leading no-code platform and is winner of the Holland Business Award. Furthermore, Betty Blocks is recognized as leading in the Netherlands tech scene by G2Crowd. Betty Blocks is the first no-code platform to receive the ISO 27001-certification and is frequently present at major Gartner events. CEO Chris Obdam was nominated for CEO of the year in 2017.

 About Resourcing Pros: Resourcing Pros has local “Solution Centers” in the Netherlands and Germany with an international network of experienced software engineers who are specialized in specific technologies, skills and services. We help ambitious companies become even more innovative and successful. As your long-term development partner we co-create custom made and innovative software for your business solutions from customer journey analysis to successful delivery. We are result driven and provide “On Demand” access to exactly the right expertise at the right moment. Contact us for to learn more about Digital Transformation, Co-Innovation and experienced Software Engineers. You can call us at +31 88 467 467 4, email us at or visit us at the Donauweg 23, 1043 AJ Amsterdam.

Source: Resourcing Pros,, March 2018

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