Successful Digital Innovation

and Digital Transformation


Kite Innovation™ for successful Digital Innovation


M “Market and Stakeholder”-viewpoint
B  “Business Case”-viewpoint
U “User Experience”-viewpoint
I   “IT”-viewpoint

Van Idea to Specifications

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Maximum Business Impact
Optimal Return on Investment

Add a diamond to your business and create more Business Value !

    Four different professional viewpoints for successful innovation

    Our Diamond Teams Ideate and define successful digital innovative solutions together with you. We find it important to continuously and simultaneously address four different professional viewpoints: Market, Usability, IT-possibilities and Business.

    Successful innovation = Needability x Usability x Achievability x Profitability

    These four viewpoints are communicating vessels that must interact all the time, at the same time. Often these viewpoints are addressed separately and sequentially, but at Innovation Kite we offer multi-disciplined teams for faster and better innovations.

    We help you create Innovative solutions that offer business value and Business Impact to you and your customers. Together with you we define the Minimum Viable Product for the optimal Return on investment.

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    Staged validation and Visual Engineering First
    We believe in the power of visualization. You could define our Innovation Kite methodology as “Agile on steroids”, or as “Agile 4.0”.

    In efficient Innovation Design-Sprints, together with you and your team, we quickly bring high-level general ideas down to earth in tangible and defined innovative digital solutions. The outcome of each innovation Design-Sprints is a clickable screen-demo that aligns all stakeholders and leaves no room for ambiguity.

    We have our own Visual Engineering Studio with the most up to date tooling and equipment to facilitate the innovation Design-Sprints.

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    “Technology Agnostic” Innovation Workshops
    In our Innovation Design-Sprints our Diamond Teams use “Zero coding”-tools, keeping you independent from specific technologies or platforms. Technology is important when aiming for innovative digital solutions but should never be the driver.

    Innovation just for the sake of innovating, will not deliver business impact to your company. You must address factors such as the Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment in order to create the optimal solution. We help you to match your Ambitions with your Business Constraints, without the risk of a premature vendor lock-in. Your business comes first.

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