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“Engineering as a Service” to reduce costs and make your innovative ideas fly!

    Kite Engineering™ for a faster time to market at reduced cost

    When we say Innovation = Ideation x Execution, we mean that you don’t only need great ideas, but you also need to be able to create and deliver them. Only if you can do both, then you will create business value and deliver business impact.

    The challenge is to find the right experienced professionals that can do this cost effectively. With our customized Skill Bucket we provide flexible and on demand access to our own professional network of dedicated development centers.

    With our InShoring™ operational model we seamlessly “localize” our software engineers, as if they were working in your office as one of your own employees. Our bi-cultural Product Owners and Solution Owners are your local native contact points, who understand your business and make sure you get what you need. In this way you have access to the latest know how worldwide and can still communicate in your native language.

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    Technological Agnostic Development with Kite Engineering
    Each development center is specialized in specific technologies. In this way technology never has to be the driver of a solution. Successful solutions should facilitate your Business and are “Technology Agnostic”.

    Our network offers more than 1500 software professionals with expertise covering all of today’s most popular platforms and languages. That is why technology is never a limitation or a driver.
    Our Solution Owners are experienced Technical Architects that are up to date with the latest and most suitable technological solutions that are make your digital innovation scalable and future proof.

    Technological Agnostic development with Innovation Kite

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    Skill Bucket for maximum flexibility and faster innovation
    Skill Bucket by Innovation Kite
    Cost effective and rapid innovation requires scalable access to professional business engineering and software engineering capabilities.
    Most Innovations don’t need many different and full-time engineers but do require many state of the art specialist skills for limited amounts of time. With our Skill Buckets we provide “Engineering as a Service”.

    Our Skill Buckets provide access to exactly that mix of expertise that your business needs at a moment in time. Optimal flexibility and scalability to bring “Specifications to “Operations”.

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