With our Workshops, we enrich your knowledge and insight.

A fast and cost-efficient way to bring your innovation idea to life.

With our Innovation Kickstarter workshops, we accelerate your innovation idea into a concrete solution. The Kickstarter consists of a number of tightly guided workshops divided over 4 sprints. We elaborate all insights into a prototype which we visualize through an interactive demo.

Sprint 1: DISCOVER / Gathering Insights
The goal is to collect insights from four different perspectives and to map them in a structured way together. Including one workshop. Including one workshop.

Sprint 2: DEFINE / Formulating solutions and making choices
The goal is to define needs and necessary workflows with the insights from the previous sprint. This ensures that the design is provided with the right functionalities and all the steps necessary to achieve the goal. Including one workshop.

Sprint 3: DESIGN / Creating an Interactive Screen Prototype Based on the defined insights, functionalities, and workflows, an elegant solution is conceived and elaborated. This results in an interactive screen prototype.

Sprint 4: VALIDATE / Adjusting the Interactive Screen Prototype
In this sprint, the interactive screen prototype is tested. We especially look at the users and the added value that the product will deliver. Based on the findings, the interactive screen prototype is improved and delivered. Including two workshops.

We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

Co-development or dedicated development?

Depending on the outcomes of the Kickstarter, you can decide to have your product developed by us in a follow-up process or to have us participate in a co-development process where we become co-owners of the end product. We have examples of projects that we have done on this basis for our customers.

“Innovation Kite has built some beautiful and dynamic webshops for Van Bavel. Both corporate and gift webshops. Thanks to a pleasant and creative approach, we can now quickly satisfy our customers. Friendly & hands-on mentality!”

Charisse Debecker, Web Project Manager @ Van Bavel

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