Van Bavel now offers customers personalized webshops in a snap

Van Bavel was looking for a reliable innovation partner to provide customers with personalized webshops more quickly and with high user-friendliness.

With a history of almost 70 years, Van Bavel is one of the market leaders in the field of business gifts and premiums. The Van Bavel team searches for original products that strengthen the marketing strategy of their clients. Using personalized webshops and logistics, Van Bavel delivers the gifts to the end customers and employees at home.

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About this customer story

Van Bavel was looking for a Partner to create multiple e-commerce platforms that can be quickly personalized for its customers.

The first of these is a corporate B2B e-commerce platform. With this platform, called Rumi, customers can order personalized promotional products in just a few clicks and offer them within their own brand environment.

In addition, we created a gift platform, Felicitas. On this platform, users can log in with an individual access code and choose a gift. All products can be dressed up with the company’s branding or provided with the logo or name of the staff members or customers.

Firstly, the wishes and requirements of the stakeholders were mapped out during several workshops. Based on these insights, a list of requirements was made and the final scope and functionalities were determined over multiple sessions.

User-friendliness is very important for customers, such as when setting up the webshop, choosing products, and completing the order. Therefore, it was necessary to simplify these steps. Administrators want speed and ease of use when setting up, and end-users of all ages should be able to order products without any problems.

Mobile first

With an eye to the future, the decision was made to adopt a mobile-first approach to make the platforms user-friendly for mobile users as well.

We advised choosing WordPress in combination with WooCommerce. This makes the platforms easy to maintain for the webshop administrators. In addition, payment and shipping methods can easily be added for customers.

The result is two easily maintainable platforms. Webshop administrators can set up and manage user-friendly and personalized webshops in no time.

Client: Van Bavel

Innovation process, creating e-commerce platforms. Technical management. Customer support

Integration of WooCommerce e-commerce platforms and WordPress

Kite thinking process and workshops, Long-term innovation and maintenance plan

Market Sector:
Retail – e-commerce – logistics – fulfillment

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