Save Time and Development Costs on Your Innovation Journey

We offer a large selection of Plug and Play digital components, solutions, and products

Many solutions can be OEM-ed for your business, accelerating your digital transformation by enabling you to start immediately. Here is a selection of the digital products that we can deploy immediately for your digital transformation:


Connect your webshop and serve more customers.
A universal connector to link any webshop platform to your own fulfilment management and order management system.
Save time and lower barriers for webshop owners, so you can serve more customers faster.
For more turnover in fulfilment and distribution.

For whom: Retail & Fulfilment

KITE Smart Stock Monitor™

A low-cost but complete OMS/FMS system for B2B distributors, warehouses, fulfilment parties experiencing rapid growth and outgrowing excel lists.
Customizable for your business. Automatically linkable to your suppliers’ and customers’ webshops. Cost-effective by breaking your growth ceiling through smart purchasing and optimal distribution timing.
A co-development solution from the collaboration with PostNL.

For whom: Retail & Fulfilment

KITE Fleet Manager™

A cost-effective solution to manage even a small fleet of delivery vans and optimally plan delivery routes. Can be linked to our OMS/FMS KickStarter.
A co-development solution from the collaboration with DeepOrange.

For whom: Retail & Fulfilment

KITE Product Audit App™

Quality control and inspection of products at the start of the distribution chain to be carried out remotely and immediately available locally. For faster control and less paperwork.
Ideal for B2B distributors, both locally and internationally.

For whom: Retail & Fulfilment

KITE Market Place Platform

An “Alibaba” platform that allows suppliers under your auspices to deliver directly to end users on another continent online.

For whom: Retail & Fulfilment

KITE Werk Waarde Scan™

An online 360-degree assessment system for internship and work supervision. Cheaper and more effective than the most well-known systems for schools and training institutions.
A co-development solution from the collaboration with Stichting Practicum.

For whom: Education

KITE Digital Publisher™

Immediately convert large amounts of current data into online or offline brochures, reports. Direct interaction with large amounts of current data.
Suitable for Scientific publications, Annual reports, Customized Education, etc.
Publish current and dynamic data faster at low cost.

For whom: Education, Governments, and Health Sciences

KITE E-Zine Creator™

Quickly, easily and cost-effectively publish a professional E-Zine (digital magazine). Simple interactive pages. Suitable for any type of periodic magazine or company update.
At low cost, current and dynamic publications that appeal.

For whom: Education, Health Sciences, Industry, Business services.


Digitalize your real estate up to 3 times cheaper, then comply with legal obligations, such as NEN 2580 certificates, up to 5 times cheaper.
A collection of tools to radically reduce the cost of your real estate ownership and management.

For whom: Construction, Real Estate and Architecture

KITE Proces Audit Platform™

Audit and evaluate work processes online and digitally. Quickly add improvement points and monitor progress. Switch from paper and manual to digital and automatic.
Every type of process can be entered, from official ISO and NEN processes to own internal specialist processes.

For whom: Education, Health Sciences, Industry, Business services.

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