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Channel Advisor

Channel Advisor expands sales channels and optimizes presence for global brands and multichannel retailers. With Innovation Kite as a certified development partner, Channel Advisor offers specialized integration support and professional IT services across the e-commerce supply chain. A custom interface to Innovation Kite’s KoneX™ provides easy plug-and-play connection.

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Active Ants

Active Ants is one of Europe’s leading fulfillment companies, with state-of-the-art, fully automated fulfillment and distribution centers across Europe.

In partnership with its certified development partner, Innovation Kite, Active Ants offers specialized integration support for its platform and services. Additionally, it provides professional IT services across the entire e-commerce supply chain, including web shop conceptualization and development, support, and integration with distribution and fulfillment services.

Active Ants has a custom interface to Innovation Kite’s KoneX™ platform, providing easy plug-and-play connection to its fulfillment services for any e-commerce company or service provider already on the Kite-KoneX™ platform.

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