Trimbos now publishes NDM in real time on a brand new digital publication platform

With a state-of-the-art publishing tool and a centralized editorial workflow, the NDM is now directly digitally available.

Every year, the Trimbos Institute, in collaboration with the Scientific Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Justice and Security (WODC), publishes the National Drug Monitor (NDM). This document, published as a PDF, provides a current overview of the drug, alcohol, and tobacco situation in the Netherlands and is an essential source of information for professionals and policymakers.

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About this customer story

Develop a publishing tool for clearly presenting and editorially managing the available information, facts, and figures from the National Drug Monitor.

A digital publication platform that makes the large amount of information from the NDM easily accessible as web content and is also easily found. It should also ensure a clear editorial workflow and a user-friendly CMS.

To gain insight quickly, we held multiple workshops with all Trimbos stakeholders as part of our Kite Thinking Process to understand the existing work process and map the desired editorial workflow based on these insights. In addition, we held inventory workshops and reviewed examples (best practices) where large amounts of scientific information are made accessible online. In several ideation workshops, we worked with the customer to translate this to the specific requirements of the NDM and from there, in design sprints, to an interactive demo.

1/ Error-prone due to data being in too many different places.

2/ Usability of the publishing tool is essential and the organization must be structured for digital publishing.

3/ A good user experience is achieved by smart navigation, shortcuts, digital charts, and references in the content, on both mobile and desktop.

1/ Publishing tool
Based on the wishes and insights, we advised developing a digital publication platform based on WordPress with an Everviz plugin editor for creating tables and graphs and a PDF generator for publishing subtopics.

2/ Setting up the workflow
We also paid a lot of attention to a clear editorial workflow because of the sensitivity of the content. An editor can request a review of a page. An editor-in-chief then gets a clear overview and decides on publication.

3/ Mobile first and user experience
Additionally, the 22 main topics posed a challenge for creating good navigation, especially on mobile. The solution for the mobile version was found in a horizontal quick navigation.

4/ Direct references to sources and including Everviz
By building in source references and text explanations and making links, we can make the content more insightful. With the help of interactive hi-charts and tables, various comparisons can be made quickly.

With a state-of-the-art publishing tool, Trimbos can now make all NDM data directly accessible online. The user-friendly WordPress CMS makes it easy for content managers to make adjustments and updates. There is a uniform editorial process for managers and editors. The transparency of information for users has greatly improved and makes data comparison easy. A smart PDF generator allows for quick publishing and or printing of chapters or parts thereof. The new central workflow where information is managed from a single source prevents errors. And with a mobile-first design, the site is accessible, and the content is easily found in Google. Innovation Kite also provides continuous support and maintenance.

Trimbos National Drug Monitor


Public education on drug use


Digitization of government publication


Kite thinking, Empathy workshops, Benchmark workshop, Customer and stakeholder interview sessions. Interactive demo and user tests

Market sector:
Government, Healthcare, Public Education


WordPress, Everviz. (Screen image animation)


“The annual report of the National Drug Monitor had grown into a book of over 700 pages that was rewritten and published each year. Together with Innovation Kite, we managed to digitize the National Drug Monitor and publish important developments around drug use, drug policy, and drug-related crime more quickly and make it easier to find.”

Ajla Mujcic, Scientific Researcher National Drug Monitor, Trimbos Institute

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