Innovation is not about
technology but about people

With Kite Thinking, we put people at the center

Within our own KITE THINKING™ methodology, we focus on the end-users. We connect 4 worlds that often find it hard to understand each other. We approach Marketing and Brands, Business Engineering, User Experience, and Information Technology as equal in the innovation process.

With our Innovation-Kickstarter, we take your idea further immediately

We start the process through multidisciplinary Workshops. In these, we quickly come to important insights about your innovation idea together with you. We also look at how we can smartly translate this into a digital solution. As an important deliverable, we visualize the digital solution in an interactive demo.

Demo version provides insight and support in your organization
With this demo, you can test in the organization if you are on the right track and get support for your innovation. Everyone understands what is meant, without the need for extensive written specifications. Also, there is no need to program yet, and it takes little effort to process advanced insights.

Quickly push through from demo to product
We have our own international network of development centers, which also ensures the development, delivery, and operational support of the digital solutions.

Almost all customers of Innovation Kite are long-term customers and see us as an innovation partner and as an extension of their own development department.





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