KITE KoneX™ now also offers plug-and-play e-commerce for individual webshops

Amsterdam, May 10, 2023

The ultimate plug-and-play solution for e-commerce systems
Innovation Kite is proud to present the latest version of KITE KoneX™. This is an advanced digital interpreter and universal connector that seamlessly links common systems to create a unique and efficient e-commerce supply chain. For non-standard systems, Innovation Kite’s experienced development team offers custom interfaces with KITE KoneX™, allowing proprietary systems to access all supported systems with just one custom integration. The range of supported systems includes e-commerce platforms, ERP systems and specialized local and international fulfillment services.

Now available for individual webshops
Large fulfillment companies have been reaping the benefits of Innovation Kite’s integration platform for years. The latest release of KITE KoneX™ now also offers individual webshops the opportunity to independently join the platform. This enables these e-commerce entrepreneurs to create their own unique e-commerce chain in a plug-and-play manner. Connections always remain up-to-date with the most recent versions of each connected system. This means no more worrying about IT and a complete focus on e-commerce.

From Pixel to Package: Innovation Kite’s proven track record
Innovation Kite has a long and proven track record in supporting e-commerce, logistics and fulfillment companies with custom IT solutions. Services include creating state-of-the-art webshops, providing custom integrations along the entire e-commerce supply chain and providing 24/7 operational services and support. Learn more about how KITE KoneX™ connects systems at

About Innovation Kite
At Innovation Kite, everyone is passionate about creating successful innovations that drive growth and efficiency in the e-commerce industry. A team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing custom IT solutions that meet the unique needs of Innovation Kite’s customers.

For more information about the innovations and e-commerce solutions of Innovation Kite, please contact Edgar Kiwiet.

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