Active Ants makes e-fulfilment services more accessible

Innovation Kite takes care of Active Ants and their customers. With KITE KoneX™, we ensure a quick and efficient integration of the systems and e-commerce platforms used.

Innovation Kite takes care of Active Ants and their customers. With KoneX, we ensure a quick and efficient integration of the systems and e-commerce platforms used.

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Active Ants builds and maintains its own internal systems and takes care of integrations for customers. Due to rapid growth, the internal IT capacity was full and Active Ants was looking for a reliable IT partner to support their own team. The goal was to keep the plugins on the e-commerce platforms WooCommerce and Magento 2 up to date and support customers on these platforms. Reason enough to ask Innovation Kite to take on this part of the IT tasks.

We have a lot of knowledge and expertise in the field of logistical processes and e-commerce platforms. This made it easy to work with the IT department of Active Ants. We first made an inventory of the existing plugins and looked for ways to improve them in the short term. After this initial improvement, we drew up a long-term innovation plan. In this, we think about keeping the software up to date and about supporting and unburdening Active Ants customers. The integration of other e-commerce platforms is also included in this.

1. Unburdening the internal IT team shortens the sales cycle
Innovation Kite takes care of the connection of customers on WooCommerce and Magento 2. This unburdens the internal IT team of Active Ants and the sales team can switch without taking into account the release cycles of the internal IT team. This way, new customers can be connected more quickly and the service improves in case of substantive questions.

2. Innovation Kite proves to be capable of even more
During the collaboration, it turns out that our team has the knowledge and skills to build integrations for other platforms as well. Tasks for which the internal IT team of Active Ants has insufficient capacity can be taken care of by Innovation Kite. As a result, the Active Ants sales team can respond more quickly to customers with questions for specific wishes and custom connections.

We have proposed, in addition to the ongoing plugin development and service for WooCommerce and Magento 2 customers, to also participate in new integrations for other e-commerce platforms.

For this, we develop standard connections on our Innovation Kite KoneX platform and provide technical management and customer support.

Our ‘dedicated team’ works as an internal innovation partner on ongoing plugin development and customer support.

With the use of the Kite KoneX platform, Active Ants can connect and integrate more and faster customers with different wishes in a standard way to the e-fulfilment services.

With the additional IT capacity from Innovation Kite, support can be provided for more complex custom integrations. This means a significant improvement in service and higher customer satisfaction. Through our collaboration, the sales team has already been able to connect over 150 customers.

Client: Active Ants

Innovation process, connecting e-fulfilment services, technical management, plugin development, customer support

Plugin development, improving the integration process of important e-commerce platforms

Inventory workshops and long-term innovation plan and use

Market sector:
Retail – e-commerce – logistics – fulfilment

Plugin development Woocommerce and Magento 2. Integration of e-commerce platforms using KITE KoneX™

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