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Amsterdam, 27-03-2023

Innovation Kite has joined the official ChannelAdvisor Partner program. This partnership enables to offer its cutting-edge e-commerce tools and innovation services to even more businesses seeking success in today’s competitive online market.


Innovation-Kite becomes a partner of the official
ChannelAdvisor Program.

Trimbos now publishes its scientific publications in real time.

With a state-of-the-art publishing tool for the National Drug Monitor and a centralized editorial team, publications are now available in real time.

Active Ants makes e-fulfilment services more accessible

Innovation Kite takes the burden off Active Ants and their clients. With KITE KoneX™, we ensure a fast and efficient integration of the systems in use and e-commerce platforms.

Van Bavel now offers personalized webshops in a jiffy

Van Bavel was looking for a partner to create multiple e-commerce platforms that can quickly be personalized for its customers.

“Innovation Kite has built some beautiful and dynamic webshops for Van Bavel. Both corporate and gift webshops. With a pleasant and creative approach, we can now quickly satisfy our customers. Friendly & hands-on mentality!”

Charisse Debecker, Web Project Manager @ Van Bavel

Innovate with Kite thinking

KITE-THINKING™ The first step in our process is about: “Empathy”. So gaining insights into what drives the customer/user and all stakeholders, what their interests and frustrations are.

Brand and Market,
IT and Information

With this approach, we create successful digital innovations together with you. We think from the needs of the end user, and at the same time, we consider technological possibilities and limitations during the design. Kite-Thinking™ combines and integrates the best from the creative industry and software industry.

Quickly start your innovation project: Innovation-Kickstarter Workshop

By working simultaneously and collectively in workshops with all relevant stakeholders, we bring your innovation idea to life for a reasonable fee. These workshops are tightly led and structured with our KITE THINKING methodology.

Visual Engineering First approach saves time and money.
We process all insights from the workshop into a prototype to visualize through an interactive demo.

The interactive demo brings your innovation idea to life.
This demo ensures that everyone understands what is meant and provides clarity for all stakeholders. There is no need to program anything yet. In this way, innovation can become a fixed part of business operations faster, at lower costs and with fewer risks.

Why develop software yourself when the solution already exists?

Take a license for one of our software solutions. Save development costs and win time.

Many solutions can be OEM made for your company and accelerate your digital transformation by being able to start immediately. Here is a selection of the digital products that we can deploy immediately for your digital transformation such as:

Connect your webshop and serve more customers.

KITE Smart Stock Monitor™
A low cost but complete OMS/FMS system.

Innovation is about more than an idea

Edgar Kiwiet, CEO Innovation Kite:
“For successful innovation, you first need the right Mentality and the right Specialists. Besides, you need a proven and tested Process that integrates both Idea Formation and Execution. And last but not least, you need to ensure Support from all stakeholders. As a Co-Creator, we like to work with you to bring the idea to a successful solution.”

Working at Innovation-Kite

INNOVATION KITE is an international organization that likes to give you the space to do the things that give you energy. An organisation where you can grow as a person and as a professional.

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