Make your business fly higher


our approach for succesful Digital Innovation.

KITE THINKING™ for successful digital innovation


What if …  Digital innovation and Digital transformation wasn’t rocket science? And you became a leader or a disruptor in your sector, with increased revenues and a lower cost of operations


Technology changes fast.  Idea’s come and go. Where to start? Technology Push or End User Pull? How to make digital innovation and transformation an integral part of how you run your business? To start your transformation by a successful digital innovation completely depends on the quality of your idea and the steps you take to make that idea tangible.


Successful Innovation = Ideation quality x Execution excellence.


We call this Kite Thinking. At Innovation Kite we know how to do this fast, cost efficient and successful. We make your business Fly Higher!


Kite Thinking seamlessly integrates quality Ideation with Execution excellence

Edgar Kiwiet, CEO of Innovation Kite: “Continuous digital innovation and transformation is in reach for every company from small to corporate. It just requires a different way of thinking: Kite Thinking ™.

Apart from generating great ideas you also need be able to create them. With Kite Engineering ™ we create scalable digital innovations with a fast time to market”

Our KITE THINKING ™ process makes your business fly higher
Kite Thinking :

  • Impactful Innovation
  • Scalable digital solutions
  • Engineering as a Service

Impactful innovation depends on the relevance of your idea and the quality of its execution.

That is why we seamlessly integrate Kite Innovation (the ideation phase) and Kite-Engineering (execution phase) into one single process from Ideation to Specification to Operations. And you will be the center point of that process. Together with our Innovation Kite professionals we enable you to make impactful innovation a standard and integral part of your business operations.

KITE THINKING ™ puts you in the driver seat of your innovation process

Kite Innovation ™

    Ideation Quality

    • Add value to your business
    • Integrate 4 viewpoints: Market x User x IT x Business.
    • Create scalable digital innovations with our Diamond Teams.
      Kite Engineering ™

        Professional execution

        • Reduce costs for your business.
        • Flexible development with EaaS : “Engineering as a service”.
        • Add on demand know how with “Skill Buckets”
          Your success is Kite Thinking success
          Digital Transformation of the shipped goods quality control management process for an International B2B distributor. (Nedis)

          “Our biggest problem was timing. Processing shipped goods quality control data took 1 to 2 days before. Now it only takes us one hour. That gives us an enormous competitive advantage and on top of it we are saving costs” Bas Vervoort, Program Manager Nedis.

            Transformation and upgrade of a multi-lingual B2C web shop for Netherlands leading online window decorations supplier.(

            “Together with Innovation Kite we created a state of the art, high performing, web shop with smart customizations and back office integrations, increasing our revenues by a factor 3. Recently we have upgraded to Magento 2.x, so we remain up to date with the latest technologies” . Thijmen Bourgondien, CEO,

            Digital Transformation of the working and sales processes at Kunstuitleen.

            “Innovation Kite really thinks from a new business model point of view. Instead of just receiving an upgrade to “state-of-the-art technology”, we are now also creating new online business concepts. We dare to dream again! We keep adding new revenue streams and overall our operations are at a lower cost than before.” Peter Maasdam, Owner Kunstuitleen.

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